A new article from Nutraceuticals World analyzing how quality products that contain scientifically supported ingredients can help consumers meet their health needs.

Eventually, everyone succumbs to the natural effects of aging and physical activity as bodies wear down over time, said Tim Hammond, vice president of sales & marketing for Bergstrom Nutrition, Vancouver, WA. “Supplements are an important part of the toolkit for today’s fitness enthusiast. Understanding that the benefits of joint maintenance and active recovery are very real, fitness enthusiasts are more proactive than ever in seeking recovery and improving their performance. People wanting to maintain their quality of life can look to science-based ingredients and products to improve joint function and mobility as a way to remain active.”

Rodney Benjamin, director of research and development for Bergstrom Nutrition, also noted that data published in the January 2018 issue of the journal Nutrients confirmed that OptiMSM is a sulfur donor. “This has long been suspected but data now confirms that the sulfur moiety from MSM is incorporated into proteins. Sulfur is a functionally important building block for protein synthesis and healthy collagen structures.”