There is extensive research on the multiple benefits of MSM for joint health. Studies have shown that MSM supports healthy joints, improves range of motion and physical function, reduces inflammation, and decreases levels of pain. MSM is effective in arthritic and healthy individuals and works well alone, or in combination with other ingredients. Studies have shown MSM to be effective at 1.5g-6g per day.

In multiple studies on patients with osteoarthritis (OA), MSM was able to improve physical function and activity performance measured through standardized questionnaires WOMAC, Lesquene Index, and SF-36. These studies also showed a marked improvement in pain levels and a reduced need for NSAIDs. One study, in particular, lasted six months, saw improvements in all outcomes, reported no adverse events, and concluded that the full effects of MSM use had yet to be realized. Suggesting that MSM is both safe and effective for extended periods. The benefits of MSM for joint health apply to healthy individuals as well. Two studies showed that MSM could reduce pain in healthy adults after strenuous exercise.

MSM has been shown to be effective in combination with other ingredients. One study looked at MSM alone, Glucosamine alone, and MSM with Glucosamine in combination. It found that there was a synergistic effect when combining the two. MSM has also been studied in combination with Boswellic acid, vitamin C, collagen, and bromelain.

The benefits of MSM for joint function stem from its ability to provide basic building blocks for connective tissue, reduce inflammation, and protect cartilage from damage. Sulfur is an essential mineral for the building of connective tissue, including cartilage. MSM can reduce the levels of inflammatory cytokines, implicated in the destruction of cartilage and synovial fluid. MSM is also shown to protect cartilage in animal models.

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