Many of MSM’s characteristics that are beneficial to humans can benefit animals as well. MSM started as an equine supplement and is now commonly found in both equine and canine products.

MSM benefits canines by improving joint health, respiratory health, and nail health. Joints are particularly problematic for some dog breeds, and MSM can help maintain or improve mobility and function. MSM’s high sulfur content is good for coat and nails. MSM also benefits joints, hair, and nails for equines. For active horses, MSM can reduce levels of oxidative damage and improve antioxidant pathways.

MSM is very non-toxic for animals and safe for long periods of time. When adding MSM to canine foods, for every kg (2.2 lbs.) of food it is proper to add 2g for puppies, 2.5g for adults, 3g for aging dogs, and 4g for active or sporting dogs. For equine, it is best to give 20g/day for the first six weeks and then 10g/day subsequently.