Several studies have shown that MSM is a natural and cost-effective means to eliminate or substantially reduce preservative loading.

  • Bergstrom 2008-2010 – Antibacterial Studies on numerous matrices
  • Sample results from Study 1 conducted in TSB (tryptic soy broth)
  • Study 2 confirmed results of Study 1 using a Second Independent Laboratory



A third study was conducted in a cosmetic matrix (Jojoba cream) Results met AET requirements for the following compendial references:

  • United States Pharmacopeia Category 2
  • Japanese Pharmacopeia Category 1B
  • European Pharmacopeia Criteria 2

A fourth study conducted on two different cosmetic matrices with no other preservatives

  • OptiMSM® at 10% concentration met criteria for above referenced compediums.

The last study determined bactericidal effects on E-coli at 48 hours using various concentrations

  • 6-16% met AET requirements for USP, EP and JP
  • Total kill achieved at 48 hours for concentrations 12-16% verified by enrichment